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Co-location & Managed Services

Features and Benefits

Utopia Data Centers

Utopia occupies two data centers in center city Philadelphia (Switch and Data and Sungard Availability Services). 

These datacenters provide our customers with several major advantages which are:

  1. Dual OC-12 (622Mbs each) Connectivity by Internap
  2. Dual OC-48 (2.5Gbps each) Tier 1 Peered Connectivity
  3. Dual OC-48 (2.5Gbps each) Connectivity by Cogent
  4. Best-in-class facilities
  5. 7 x 24 by On-Site Staff
  6. 7 x 24 Secure Customer Access
  7. CCTV monitoring
  8. Entrance requires Card Key, PIN and Biometric Access (secured with Man-Trap)
  9. N+1 fully redundant power, AC and telephony
  10. VESDA Early Warning Fire Protection and Suppression systems

The following outlines the features and capabilities on our managed hosting environment. We have put together best-of-breed technologies and services to meet the most demanding Internet and IT applications.

Secure Data Center Facilities

Our data center locations provide you with N+1 redundancy and high-security. This means that every system is duplicated for service availability when there is a failure.

To enter these facilities, you need to have possession of a card-key, as well as a PIN. Once these two requirements have been met, a bio-metric hand scanner checks your palm (primary data center) or finger (Sungard data center) print, and if these tests are successful, you are allowed access to the facility. At Sungard, authorized individuals must request a site access code prior to arriving at the facility. If you cannot provide an access code, you are not allowed access to your space. In addition, CCTV video surveillance equipment is used throughout the facilities.

Other than security, the most important part of any data center is redundant power, environmental control and Internet connectivity. Both facilities have more redundancy and Internet connectivity than any of our largest customers. For example, both employ a Liebert power distribution unit that accepts a feed from two separate power grids in the city of Philadelphia, and each grid is fed by a unique sub-station. These facilities are able to survive an entire grid failure. Should a power failure extend beyond this, their dual-in-line UPS systems can power the entire facility until generators can begin making power. This system is backed up by generators located outside the building, which can generate power for an indefinite period of time. All environmental and fire suppression systems are redundant as well. They have an air sampling system (VESDA) that can detect any sign of smoke within 20 feet of origin, anywhere in the facility. All systems are N+1 redundant.

Finally, the connectivity from both data centers to the Internet is some of the best in the industry. At Switch and Data, Utopia takes advantage of connectivity services from a company called Internap (www.internap.com). Our uplinks to the Internet consist of two (dual) Internap provided OC-12 connections, which are rated at 622Mbs each. This provides us with almost unlimited burst ability. Internap has some of the lowest latency routes found today. Their secret is the cross-meshing of connections with all of the Tier 1 providers (e.g. AT&T, Sprint, UUNet) and out of all possible choices, always choosing the least latent route. Our latency averages less than 40ms within the United States, less than 80ms from Europe and less than 100ms world wide.

At Sungard, we have access to a direct peering arrangement provided by Sungard, which connect to ten (10) different Tier-1 carriers, similar to the ones previously mentioned, including Internap. This provides more redundancy due to the direct peering, with slightly more latency, than Internap. Internap performs more route optimization than Sungard-provided connectivity. Sungard optimizes for load-balancing across carriers, whereas Internap optimizes for performance.

We monitor our network and service availability every 3 minutes. Engineers are alerted and paged if an outage is detected.

Data Backup Services – Powered by eVault

For the most reliable and efficient backup solution, Utopia turns to eVault InfoStage®, eVault’s premiere backup solution for servers.

eVault InfoStage provides the following advantages for backing up your servers:

  • Backups are sent to a disk-based-vault
  • Backup sets are stored in encrypted format (128-bit)
  • Only the data that has changed is backed up (block level changes)
  • Every backup is a full backup for an easy restore process
  • Select data can be moved offsite
  • Agents support Windows, Linux (various versions) and Solaris

See www.evault.com/Software_Products/InfoStage.asp for additional information about this technology