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Co-location & Managed Services

Meshed Network Infrastructure

Our network consists of numerous levels of redundancy and the capability to scale as needed. Our uplink to the data network is comprised of two gigabit ports which are connected to a pair of Cisco Catalyst 6509, carrier-grade switches running HSRP (Hot Swappable Routing Protocol). Should one of our uplinks fail, we have failover to the remaining, working uplink. Our Internet-connected switches are made up of Cisco 4000 series units that are cross-meshed with Internap’s switch, for maximum reliability. For customers hosted at our Sungard facility, we have mirrored Cisco 4000-series switch cross-connected with Juniper carrier-grade switches.

Our security perimeter consists of a mirrored pair of Cisco PIX 520 firewalls configured in an active/passive arrangement. If one of the units were to fail, the network stays running so you can continue to serve your clients.

Tier 1 Connectivity – Experience the Internap Difference

Internap is the Internet’s premier peering partner to all Tier 1 backbones on the Internet. Because Internap only interfaces with Tier 1 providers such as UUNet, Sprint, AT&T, Level 3, Verio, Cable & Wireless, to name a few, Utopia is able to provide it’s customers with ultra-low latency, scalability, performance and reliability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Internap leads the industry in route optimization for the Internet. Experience the Internap difference at www.internap.com/solutions/routecontrol/page1980.html.

Grab Internap’s performance IP Whitepaper here

Utopia uses Internap to provide the best connectivity and performance to its customers. For more generic connectivity needs, Utopia offers a basic carrier solution using Cogent Communications.