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Exchange 2010 Hosting

Features and Benefits

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Features of Hosted Exchange 2010 Include

  • Plans start at $6.99 per user and include Microsoft Outlook 2010!
    We offer various levels of service based on the amount of storage you need and usage.  Generally, the larger someone’s mailbox is, the heavier the email user they are.  You can upgrade or downgrade as often as you like.
  • Security and Reliability to Protect You and Your Information
    We employ the best in firewall and network technology to keep your information safe.  In addition, we employ Exchange cluster servers, so if one server fails, Exchange stays running, providing you with uninterrupted service.  We also backup your data daily and store copies in a secure offsite location every week.
  • Take advantage of an enterprise-class messaging system, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
    Exchange was designed for reliability and performance to handle the largest networks of email users.   Exchange uses a “store and forward” architecture for handling mail.  What this means is if you send a message to someone, they receive the message immediately.  Unlike POP3 email, where you need to poll the server constantly, checking for new mail.  In addition, Exchange is scalable, so it can grow when you do.
  • Share your Mailbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with others in your organization
    One of the greatest benefits of switching from a POP email solution to Exchange is that now your organization is “connected”.  This means that you can share an appointment calendar with others, either to view or to actually make changes as needed, as in the case of an assistant.  You can do the same with certain parts of your mailbox, like contacts and tasks.

    Outlook with Exchange also makes scheduling meetings easier, with the “Free/Busy” feature.  You can, when scheduling a meeting, view multiple person’s calendars, side by side in a view that shows whether they are available or whether they have something scheduled for a given hour of the day.  No calling around to make sure everyone is available for a meeting.
  • Get instant collaboration with your team through Public Folders
    Public Folders are a feature of Outlook that is only available in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server.  They act like a file server in your office.  Everyone who has a mailbox in your organization has access to these folders, where you can store office documents, posts notes as well as store appointments and contacts that need to be accessible by all. 
  • Access your information anytime, anywhere, with Outlook Web Access and wireless options
    We give you the ability to access your email remotely through wireless options such as browser-enabled cellular phones, iPhone, Android, tablet, and Blackberry devices.
  • Have a team dedicated to supporting your email network
    When you become an Exchange Hosting customer, you are taking advantage of a team of people that are dedicated to supporting your email and related functions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We make sure the servers are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches, hot fixes and service packs.  In addition, we are making sure your data is secure with frequent security audits of our servers and network.
  • Securely connect to our servers via the Internet using encryption
    Outlook 2007-2010 are designed to encrypt information automatically when connecting to an Exchange Server.  Unlike POP3 email, which is NOT encrypted, when sending email to other users who are also running Exchange, the information is always encrypted. 
    The Web version of Outlook, Outlook Web Access, is protected by encryption as well.  It is called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.  It is the same technology used by sites when you shop securely online.
  • Online Exchange Control Panel for Self-Administration
    Manage your own Exchange environment completely on-line via the web.  This enables you to maintain privacy as you can make administrative changes without going through our staff, and we’ve secured the site using SSL, so no one will be able to obtain the information you are entering into our system.
  • Wireless Email and Access Other Outlook Information Anytime
    Access your email anytime, anywhere, in addition to your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks using Exchange ActiveSync or Blackberry wireless services.