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Wireless Email

Devices and Feature Comparison Grid

Feature GoodLink Blackberry ActiveSync
Real-time Sync Yes Yes Yes
Subfolder Sync Yes Yes No
Public Contacts* Yes No No
Spell Checking No No Yes
Meeting Requests Yes Yes Yes
Windows Mobile Yes No Yes
Blackberry Device No Yes No
Palm Treo Device Yes No Yes – 650 only
Outlook Notes Sync Yes Yes No
View Attachments Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life Excellent Good OK
Ease of Use Excellent Good Good
Fast Performance Excellent Good OK
Remote Data Wipe Yes Yes Some Devices
Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Security Features Excellent Good OK


*GoodLink offers the ability to access a Contacts folder stored in an Exchange Public Folder

Need a Device?

Utopia only offers the ability to use an existing or new device with our Exchange messaging services. We do not sell devices or phone plans.

If you need a device, or are looking for a reliable vendor for device and wireless services, contact Wynn & Associates for a quote, and mention Utopia. They are carrier neutral, which means they can provide any device through any carrier and their associated wireless plans. 

Wynn & Associates can be reached at (301) 292-3030 or orders@wynnassoc.com. You can also visit their website at http://www.wynnassoc.com.